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Donation & Partnership via EFT

Banking Details: LoveKey NPC
Bank: FNB
Current Account Number: 62824888525
Branch code: 250655

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You can contribute to any of our funds by making an EFT to our main LoveKey account and in the reference put “Acts2”, “NVF” or “Hand-Up”.

The Hand-Up Initiative is a community project in Smartie Town, Macassar where we aim to give less privileged, malnourished, and illiterate children a hand-up in life by providing healthy meals, basic education and teaching them about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Direct Banking Details:
Hand-Up Initiative 
FNB Current Account nr: 62934017444
Somerset West Branch code: 200512

The New Venue Fund is where we are saving up for our own venue which we are trusting God for. Purchasing or renting a facility and kitting it out with all the necessary infrastructure requires a lot of funding.

Direct Banking Details:
New Venue Fund
FNB Current Account: 
Somerset West Branch Code: 200512

We also have an Acts 2:45 fund which is there for our members who might be going through a challenging time. We believe that as a community we are called to take care of each other.

Direct Banking Details:
Acts 2 Fund
FNB Cheque account nr 62901480509
Somerset West Branch code 250655