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Mission Statement

Our story

The origin story of LoveKey Church is intertwined with the personal testimony of our founder and lead pastor, Heinz Winckler. Heinz felt called in 2015 to make a drastic shift from the commercial music industry to the Christian and praise and worship music scene. This decision led to the release of his first Christian Contemporary album “The Roar” which released in 2016. It was the start of a bigger focus on doing ministry work. He traveled to different churches and ministries to share his songs and testimony. At one church in particular, the pastor asked him, “So, when are you planting a church?” At first Heinz thought the idea was completely crazy. But a seed was sown and over the next few months and years it started to grow. In June 2020 the Lord spoke clearly to Heinz that he is to plant a church, that it must be unaffiliated and that He, the Lord, is doing a new thing. On 28 October 2020 during his time with God, the Holy Spirit revealed to Heinz that the church should be planted on 22 November – less than a month away! He prayed with his wife and kids, spoke to the leadership of the church they were in, were released and blessed, and had the first LoveKey Church gathering on 22 November 2020.

God clearly showed Heinz that the meaning of the church name is significant because it represents the gospel and the new life of a believer in Christ: The key to salvation, is the revelation of how much God loves us. The key to living the life He has for us, is to love Him back. And we love Him when we obey his word. So at LoveKey we aim to create an atmosphere of God’s love in which we share the unfiltered truth of the word of God. And that is why our values are to be a place where people can encounter God so they can align with His purposes in order to reign in life and help others to do the same.

Our Pastors Family

Heinz & Aletté Winckler and their children 
Lian, Simeon, Reuben and Alannah.

Senior Pastors

Heinz and Aletté Winckler are the founding pastors of LoveKey Church in Somerset West. They are sold out for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through evangelism and the teaching and preaching of the word of God. They are both experienced praise and worship leaders.

Aletté is an amazing mom and a multi-passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses while helping Heinz with the church.

Heinz is a professional performing artist who has shifted his focus to full time ministry as the pastor of LoveKey Church. He is a gifted teacher of the word of God and passionately communicates the gospel to the lost, and the principles that help believers to live free from sin and mature in Christ.

Heinz & Aletté Winckler and their children 
Lian, Simeon, Reuben and Alannah.

Vision and Values

We want to see healthy families build a healthy nation, one family at a time. Healthy families are built on healthy marriages, and healthy marriages are built on Jesus – in other words, obedience to the Word of God. This is also the antidote to the greatest pandemic of our time: Fatherlessness.

Our Vision Rests on four main pillars:

Encounter | Align | Reign | Help Others

LoveKey Church exists to be a place where people can encounter God, align with His purposes in order to reign in life and help others to do the same.

What we believe

The foundations of every house are hidden, yet they are vitally important to the stability of the house. So too the foundational beliefs that undergird a church contribute to the stability and real strength of that spiritual house. LoveKey is not just a contemporary church moving with trends, but a solid, theologically sound, Bible-based church with a 21st century expression.

Connect with us

Somerset West Primary Main Hall
Entrance 71 Andries Pretorius Street